The Trouble in Town

Dear Diary,

It’s been another interesting day! We broke camp and began the long trek back to the Hall. It turns out that Azure was hired by a drow to kill those Kruthiks and now he’s going to collect the payment (also our payment).

Gendar, the drow, has his shop behind the giant minotaur statue. Inside there are many old a curious items gathered from the twisting caverns surrounding the hall, including a green jar with the fecktal organ inner casing from an aboleth. After securing payment I asked if he would trade a Kruthik Potion for the components I had gathered. He turned me down, but pointed me toward Dreskan’s Provisions or the Grimmerzhul Outpost.

Desperate to capitalize on my harvest, I insisted we visit these two establishments. Dreskan’s Provisions did not have any Kruthik Potions, but Skamos was able to restock his supply of rope. He did complain that the quality was inferior to Skraggy’s brand of hemp.

At the Grimmerzhul Outpost we were met by two duergar, two surly duergar. They would not answer my questions about a potion exchange. Instead they called out their superior, Kedhira. She and I haggled over the exchange rate, but we eventually settled on a price and I got my potion. Sardonyx asked about Duven, but Kedhira denied ever having heard of him.

Feeling elated, but recognizing the frustration of my companions I suggested we go get a drink. We ended up at Rothar’s Taproom, where Brugg, the Wizards of Saruun’s enforcer, was arm wrestling patrons. Our mighty dwarf companion, Schlag accepted his challenge, but lost almost immediately as Brugg overpowered his paltry attempt.

Skamos took this opportunity to taunt the large ogre. And when the brute took offence the stubborn tiefling refused to apologize. Only the quick thinking of Tira prevented a bar room brawl. She called the bully’s masculinity into question, claiming that even she could drink more than him. Thus shamed Brugg sat down and took up his cups. Drink for drink Tira matched the giant’s thirst. Finally he was too inebriated to be anything other than pleasantly befuddled. Skamos then resumed his taunting.

Brugg chased the teasing tiefling out of the bar in a rage. Using his magical abilities the wizard caused the ogre to fall in the river. Dazed and confused Brugg dragged himself from the treacherous waters and staggered away.

Our group then resumed our tour of the Hall, visiting the Deepgem Mining Company, where we learned that the dwarf owner could get us anything we wanted, out of Summerhold, in two days. Thus stymied we made our way to the wainwright.

Who was a complete jackass. In a misguided attempt to woo this jerk, Sardonyx bragged about our recent victory over Brugg. We took our leave and visited House Azael. Noristo, a young member of the house claimed to have seen Duvan with the Grimmerzhuls. Temperance was quite smitten by this youth. She took the noble to the back of the trading post and, er-hem…”sexed him silly.”

On our way out of the Azael trading post we met Bennick the Wanderer who gave us a map of the Hall and the surrounding tunnels. He recommended a guide named Terrlen Darkseeker. We found this guide in the Pigeonholes, the caves in the walls of the Hall. He agreed to lead us to the Horned Hold, the Grimmerzhuls home base, so that we could find Duvan. Before we set out he insisted that we take a good long rest.

Slaak’s Diary

The Trouble in Town

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