My Secret Passage has Fire

Dear Diary,

After our short break we pressed on quickly. The first room we burst into was some sort of antechamber. An antechamber full of orcs and an ogre! Fresh from our rest our group unleashed a fury of devastating attacks left all but one orc down for the count. Before we could finish off this holdout, he ran out of the room, sounding the alarm.

Desperate to quell his shouts, we quickly followed after him into the next room…where we came face to face with Murkelmor and his retinue. Saying that he was ungappy to see would not adequately describe his reaction. Bellowing in rage he ordered his troops to rush us.

Temperance and I quickly took up the line, allowing our compatriots to ready their attacks. Unfortunately Murkelmor did not stand in the back and let his underlings do all the work. He charged Temperance using his maul to knock her into the magical furnace that lined his chamber. She tried to escape, but her attempts were blocked by Murkelmor and two of his lackeys.

Realizing that she wouldn’t last long within the blaze, I lept forward, threw a potion at her and used my remaining mental strength to pull her out of the flames and through the air to safety. Denied their kill, the dark dwarves turned their attention to me. Two warhammers and a maul crushed my armor and dropped me to the ground. The last thing I remember seeing before I blacked out, was Murkelmor standing over me, an evil grin on his face.

Then Temperance’s countenance swam before my eyes. “Welcome back,” she said, before returning to the fray. We managed to beat back the underlings, but before we could land the final blow on Murkelmor, he ran back into his chambers and threw himself into the fireplace and disappeared. His lackey surrendered once he realized that he was alone. Desperate to save his skin, he revealed the location of his boss’ secret treasure.

We ignored his pleas and pursued Murkelmor through another passageway. Temperance actually dove into the fireplace, a secret passage! We all emerged into the same room. It was wide with a series of pits, slave pens!

Demons and more duergar attacked as we entered the room. Azure was a mad man, cleaving left and right, cutting his way toward Murkelmor. Sardonix crippled their efforts by stealing their healing potions. The fighting was intense, but once we started to focus our attention on individual foes they began to fall before us.

It wasn’t long before a lone theurge was all that stood between us and victory. He ran into a hallway and was stopped cold before he could move another step.

In the chamber beyond, we found the slaves. We released them an they told us that Duven had been taken by gnolls two days prior. Frustrated that we hadn’t found our friend we began the trip back to the Hall.

Slaak’s Diary

My Secret Passage has Fire

Purple Haze Felix