Kruthik Crackdown

Dear Diary,

I met some adventurers in the inn last night. The mages’ had refused my petition to enter their tower, so when I saw this ragtag group of possible heroes enter, my hopes soared. They looked tough, so I went over and introduced myself hoping they would help me attain my goal.

After a warm greeting by the group’s wizard I was invited to imbibe in some of his fare. It looked like rope, but Skamos assured me that it would expand my mind. After this point I cannot be sure that my memory is sound.

My teifling companions heard from a mutual acquaintance that their companion Sardonyx may have a price on his head for working for the Singh crime family.

The Bloodreavers might have sold Duven to Murkelmor Grimmerzhul, leader of the duergar of the Hall.

Azure Azoom Zon is looking for the Bloodscale of Tiamat, a Dragonborn cultist. He also knows of a cavern nearby that is the home of some Kruthiks.

The next thing I remember is waking up in the morning. Apparently I had agreed to accompany the group on their hunt for the Kruthiks.

The journey to the cavern was both long and arduous, but filled with faith in my new companions I soldiered on. The cavern where we were to find the beasts was huge. Natural stalactite formations blanketed the ceiling and the entire space was awash in living rock.

The Kruthiks did not let us bask in this natural beauty for long. Bursting forth from the stone, with no regard for its delicate disposition, five adults launched an attack against us. These monsters were immediately joined by a Hive Lord. The fighting was furious. My new companions suffered mightily at their vicious claws. I knew then that it was time for me to call upon my most trusted friend. I grasped the statue that Brother Nothat gave me. With the thunderous echoing of galloping hooves, Binky, my wonder-horse materialized on the battlefield. Even with Binky’s assistance the fight did not end quickly, the vile insectoids resisted to the last, their vile burrowing destroying the pristine quality of the cave.

Eventually we were victorious. In the wreckage of the cave I quickly rushed out to gather some of the Kruthik blood and bile. While I was gathering components I found a gnawed skeletal hand with a ring holding a wand within one of the carcasses. I hungered for the arcane secrets of the wand, but desiring to make a good impression on my new friends I gave it to the half-elf warlock, Tira. I recognized the crest on the ring as the crest of House Curail. They’re that family that used to own all those orchards, until they lost the favor of the local baron.

Mightily exhausted we made camp for the night.

Slaak’s Diary

Kruthik Crackdown

Purple Haze Felix