Damn Dirty Duergar

Dear Diary,

I don’t have much time, but so much has happened, I don’t think I’ll be able to remember it all if I don’t write it down now.

When we awoke in the caves, we found that Terrlen had regained consciousness. He explained that he has been blacking out increasingly recently and that when he does he dreams of a great beast. Realizing that the poor man had no idea about his lycanthropic condition I continued to question him in a roundabout manner about the circumstances surrounding these “blackouts.” He told us of a brown disc in the House of Silence, a cavern in another portion of the mountain. He thought it was a trap, but nothing seemed to happen when it went off. Perhaps if we are able to find this disc we might be able to cure his affliction.

With that it was time to return to the Horned Hold. Not will to risk another incident like the one at the gate. The group decided to knock our cursed guide out cold, and tied him to the back of Binky. When we reached the gate, we found no trace of the skirmish from the day before, and no new guards either. This trend continued as we passed through the forge and into the kitchen. Even those fiendish archers were no where to be seen.

Cautiously we proceeded through the kitchen out onto a natural bridge connecting the outlying structures with the main keep. No sooner had we set foot on the stone arch, than a huge crossbow bolt flew out from the door ahead and buried itself in Binky’s flank. A second bolt shattered on the stone wall above Schlag’s head. Sensing that this challenge was above his abilities, the dwarf quickly roped a stalactite and swung down below the bridge to hang there.

Encouraged by this odd tactic, Skamos and Temperance ran back through the kitchen to the forge, where we had seen another bridge, taking the slaves we had rescued with them. Unfortunately when they were able to make it to the other side of the chasm the door was locked and they had no means to open it. Thus stymied they ran back to the first bridge.

Meanwhile Binky and I were doing our best to knock down the door to reach whoever was shooting at us. I admit that it was not my finest hour, and I’m sure that I must have said some unkind words in the direction of the hanging dwarf. Whatever was said, I’m sure that it did not warrant what happened next.

Poor Binky had taken so many arrows fired from the door that she needed to go back into the statue to rest. This happened rather suddenly, dumping both Terrlen and myself to the ground. Schlag picked this moment to climb back up from his perch below, incensed at something I had said. Seeing my less than advantageous location on the ground he charged trying desperately to push me off the ledge into oblivion.

Fortunately the remnants of my training in the Rending Tempest came to my aid as I was able to hold my ground. Sorely tempted as I was to revert to my bloodthirsty past, I stifled the urge to throw the dwarf into the void. Truly I thank Binky for giving me strength. Thus composed I began my assault on the door once more.

Sensing the need for a distraction, Tira teleported into the room, so that Sardonyx could pick the door’s lock undisturbed. Skamos and Temperance ran back to the other bridge, losing the slaves on the trip. They were finally able to open the door just as Sardonyx finished picking the lock. Facing the assembled might of our group the duergar and their arbalesters went down quickly and violently.

As I write we are taking a short rest before pressing on. (Yea! Binky’s back!!)

Slaak’s Diary

Damn Dirty Duergar

Purple Haze Felix