A Werewolf Seriously

Dear Diary,

I thought that joining an adventuring party would let me delve deeper into the arcane mysteries of our world, but I had no idea that would mean almost getting killed on a daily basis, by my own companions!

First things first.

After our nap, we set off for the Horned Hold. Terrlen, our guide, was fantastic. He took us straight to the gates of the Hold. But that is where his being helpful ended. Claiming he was suffering from a bad headache, he hung back toward rear of the party as we approached the portcullis.

Needless to say, the orcs who were on guard duty were not eager to let us in. This was exacerbated by Skamos who decided to start firing off spells through the grate. I can’t say that I tried to calm matters, it was just a perfect opportunity for an acid wall.

Eventually the orcs figured out that they would be able to kill us better with the portcullis up. Unfortunately this was the moment when our trusty guide turned into a werewolf. That’s right, a werewolf. Caught in between foes our group kicked it into high gear. The orcs were all but defeated when, alerted by the sounds of our combat the duergar in from the Hold began to pour out.

The fighting was furious, Terrlen was destroying our party on one side while the remaining orcs and their duergar reinforcements were hitting our front line hard. During the manic melee, Skamos was knocked unconscious. I was able to heal him, but not before he had suffered serious injuries.

We finally managed to subdue Terrlen without killing him, and destroyed all the orcs, but the duergar turned invisible and ran into the Hold. Some of our party ran after them. I admit I stayed behind, but it was only so I could tend to Skamos, then I was back to the fray.

The duergar ran into a forge area, where they were reinforced by more duergar, including the forge master and some dogs. Skamos was knocked unconscious, and it was only through the magics of a healing potion and my kruthik potion that he was brought back to the world of the living.

We were barely able to finish off the dark dwarves, but their canine compaions teleported away, further into the Hold. Again we gave chase and again we ran into an ambush, this time with archers. A half-orc joined the battle on our side, but even his might was no match for the archer’s deadly shafts. He died before I could reach him.

Recognizing that we were in no shape for an extended battle, we focused our attacks on the front line fighters. They soon fell under our blows, but archers continued to pepper us with arrows. During the skirmish we were able to rescue two human captives, but a third captive was killed as he fled the room. And we used this as an opportunity to withdraw and regroup.

We retreated back into the maze of passages leading to the Horned Hold. I secured an area for the group, including Terrlen who we had picked up, by using my rituals. Exhausted by the efforts of today I fell into a deep slumber.

Slaak’s Diary

A Werewolf Seriously

Purple Haze Felix