Purple Haze

Chapter One (part VII)

In which a heart to heart talk proves good for the soul and the sword.

Continuing their exploration of the abandoned fort, the group heads down another dark passageway, their sunrods and light spells being all that keeps the darkness at bay. They come upon another hallway, but this one has 10 sarcophagi lining it on each side, with reliefs of warriors in plate armor. From the end of the hallway they can see a diffuse, starry-white light radiating dimly forth.

Approaching cautiously, fearful of traps, they begin to examine the stone structures. Erais, after looking over the nearest one, begins to move past it, farther down the hall, when suddenly each lid slams open with a loud bang and disgorges a skeletal figure, each with a longsword and shortbow!

The battle is fast and furious. Every few seconds sarcophagi open at random, spewing forth more undead warriors, who attempt to slash the party members with their swords and pierce them arrows from their swords. However, our mighty heroes stand triumphant once more after the last sword stroke, muttered spell and fervent prayer.

They then discover a shrine to Bahamut at the end of the hall and double doors at the top of a short series of steps. Cautiously approaching the find a tomb with a single sarcophagi.

Alhelm readies his sword to strike while other party members move the lid. It is then the skeletal warrior in full plate, brandishing a great two-handed sword leaps up and begins shouting about the portal that must not be opened!

Combat is averted as the mighty dragonborn paladin chooses not to strike at the undead creature, but here it out instead. Soon the story is related of how the once brave and noble Sir Keegan imprisoned the dark-hearted shadow dragon, Shadraxil and established a keep to guard the site but the dragon’s impressive power seeped through the barrier and poisoned Keegan’s mind until he went on a rampage, killing his wife, children, and several soldiers before they finally drove him deeper into the depths of the Keep and sealed it off where he slowly starved to death.

The group is able to convince him that they are there to stop a madman by the name of Kalarel who is trying to open the portal and in return he gives them his



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